Bathroom Remodeling


Get a fresh look with our bathroom remodeling services

The bathroom is more than just a utility space; it's a sanctuary where you begin and end your day. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek modern oasis or a rustic retreat, our services can significantly enhance your space's aesthetics and functionality. Dive into the world of bathroom makeovers with us and discover how we can help transform any space into a serene spa.

Shower remodel

Stepping into a revamped shower can feel like a daily indulgence. Gone are the days of the plain, single-function showerhead and boring white tiles. Today's shower remodel options encompass the following:

  • Multiple showerheads: From rainfall to jet, enjoy a spa-like experience.
  • Tile varieties: Choose from ceramic, porcelain, or even natural stone.
  • Frameless glass enclosures: Delivering a clean, modern appearance, allowing your chosen tiles to shine through.
  • Curbless shower, linear drains



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Bathroom Vanity Essentials

Set the tone for your bathroom space with our curated selection of vanity essentials that blend aesthetics and functionality.

  • Countertop Selection: Explore the elegance of sintered stone and the versatility of porcelain—providing you with top-tier options for your vanity needs.
  • Style Selection: Explore modern minimalistic or vintage designs, tailoring your vanity to suit your personal style effortlessly.
  • Integrated Waterproofing: Our vanities feature built-in waterproofing, ensuring resilience and long-lasting performance in wet environments."

Bathroom flooring

The floor sets the mood for your bathroom. With our extensive range, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste and the wear-and-tear needs of a bathroom environment. We offer:
  • Water-resistant options: Crucial for the bathroom, materials like luxury vinyl, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are perfect choices.
  • Warm touches: Consider heated flooring for an added layer of luxury.
  • Eco-friendly selections: Bamboo and cork are both sustainable and provide unique aesthetics.

From durability to design, our bathroom remodeling solutions ensure that every step you take is on a surface you love.
Bathroom Remodeling in Tecumseh, Ontario from Marquis Tile

Bathroom backsplash

A backsplash can add a dash of color, texture, or pattern, breathing life into your bathroom. Our store showcases:
  • Tile patterns: Herringbone, subway, or mosaic – the design possibilities are endless.
  • Materials: From glass to metallics, the right backsplash can be both functional and stylish.
  • Easy cleaning: Our selections are not only stunning but are also easy to maintain, ensuring longevity and freshness.

Let your walls do the talking with a backsplash that complements your bathroom’s overall design.

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Bathroom remodeling is more than just a renovation; it's about creating a space to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. Marquis Tile is your one-stop shop for all your bathroom needs. From showers to floors, we have everything you need to make your dream bathroom a reality. Our showroom in Tecumseh, Ontario, serves Windsor, Ontario, Tecumseh, Ontario, Leamington, Ontario, Lasalle, Ontario, and Kingsville, Ontario. Visit us today and take the first step toward transforming your bathroom into your very own retreat.