Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Windsor

At Marquis Tile, we know how much your property means to you. We're dedicated to providing homeowners and contractors in the area with the best products, including elegant vinyl flooring in Windsor. Our flooring inventory spans endless styles, colours, and designs to help you get the floor of your dreams. We can supply and install vinyl flooring as per your project's requirements.

Developments in flooring technology have transformed vinyl flooring into an attractive option with numerous positives. Its style, durability, and water resistance make it ideal for all rooms, particularly bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, with our vinyl plank flooring, you can replicate the look of wood without breaking the bank.

We invite you to contact us if you'd like to learn more about our luxury vinyl flooring in Windsor. Want to keep yourself updated with the latest trends? Check out our blog!

What is vinyl flooring?

Generally, vinyl flooring includes layers of various materials to form a durable material. The bottom layer is made of cork or foam, followed by the waterproof layer, which can easily absorb moisture. Above this layer is the design layer, topped by a wear layer, which offers maximum protection. Luxury vinyl flooring can have more than four layers engineered for optimal comfort. Sometimes vinyl is confused with other durable surfaces such as laminate. However, several differences in construction set this flooring apart. There are a lot of variations of vinyl flooring, and you can read more about them in the section below.

Apart from vinyl flooring in Windsor, Marquis Tile can supply and install beautiful hardwood flooring.

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Our products

Among a wide range of flooring types available from Marquis Tile, vinyl is one of the most resilient, versatile, and affordable. Homeowners, designers, and contractors in Windsor prefer luxury vinyl flooring because it is water-resistant and can stand up to the challenges of the space where it is installed. We offer:

Long luxury vinyl planks, detailed prints, and textured impressions leave a long-lasting wood look.

Luxury vinyl tiles are preferred in the industry because they are simple to install and maintain. These tiles can also be placed anywhere.

Vinyl sheets possess custom-designed looks and last for a long time.

The benefits of vinyl flooring

We at Marquis Tile invite you to consider some of the many benefits that our premium vinyl flooring in Windsor can offer:

  • Ease of installation: When compared with other types of flooring, vinyl is easier to install, which cuts down on time and labour costs.
  • Durability: Vinyl flooring is ideal for rooms that experience heavy traffic because of its durability.
  • Ease of maintenance: Maintaining vinyl flooring is a breeze. Most variations have a "no-wax" finish and will maintain their shiny look.
  • Versatility: Vinyl's versatility is its most outstanding feature. For instance, you can use it to mimic the appearance of hardwood without the expense.
  • Water-resistance: Since all vinyl flooring items include a high composition of PVC, they're incredibly moisture-resistant.

Luxury vinyl buying guide

Luxury vinyl flooring has become popular as thousands of colours, patterns, and styles are available at affordable prices. Such flooring is also easy to care for and can stand up to water effectively. Therefore, it is an ideal option for homes with small children who spill water and toys on the floor. Here are a few factors that can help you choose the appropriate luxury vinyl according to your needs:

  • Materials, lengths, and patterns: Generally, vinyl flooring is PVC plastic flooring. The base layer is often fibreglass, followed by a PVC inner core layer, and a decorative outer layer of PVC. Such flooring is popular because thousands of styles and patterns are available. Vinyl is typically made in 12’ rolls, but you will find it from 6’ to 12’ depending on where it is to be installed. Vinyl planks and vinyl tiles are also available. Tiles range in size from 12" to 18" square.
  • Wear and durability: Vinyl flooring will last 8-20 years depending on the quality of the material and the location it is to be installed. For longevity, you should maintain and clean the floor properly.
  • Current trends: Presently, the look of hand-scraped wood is very popular. Pastel colours in flooring are also becoming popular.

Luxury vinyl maintenance guide

For general care of vinyl flooring, you should sweep the floors a couple of times per week or more, depending on the level of traffic. If you use a vacuum cleaner, you should choose one made for hard flooring. If there is a lot of dust, you should use a floor cleaner designed specifically for vinyl flooring and mix it with warm water. Using felt cushioning pads on furniture legs can help reduce scratching on your vinyl flooring. You can use them on all furniture, but especially chairs that are frequently moved and heavy furniture.

Luxury vinyl installation guide

The most challenging part of installing vinyl flooring is making the necessary cuts around corners. For that, you will need a steady hand and exact measurements. Whether you install luxury vinyl or hire us, you should know the tools and supplies needed.

You will need an adhesive, a notched trowel, a chalk line, a tape measure, a straight edge or square, a pry bar, a utility knife, and a heavy roller to press down the installed flooring.

The step-by-step installation process includes:

Step 1: Firstly, you should mark the center of each wall and snap lines between them with a chalk line. Then, measure from the center to the starting wall, subtracting the 5/16-inch expansion gap, and further mark this distance at each end of the wall. Next, you need to snap a chalk line between these two marks to get a straight line against the wall.
Step 2: Further, score and cut the tongue off the first row of vinyl planks using a utility knife. Then, set the first plank on the starting line with the cut side toward the wall, maintaining the expansion gap.
Step 3: Hold the next plank slightly against the previous plank's end and fold it down to click it into place.
Step 4: Cut the last piece in the first row to fit, score with a utility knife and snap the plank.
Step 5: To start the second row, insert the tongue of the first piece into the groove of the previous row's first plank and rotate down to click together. The joints must be staggered at least 6 inches. Measure and cut your first piece accordingly, using a cut end from the first row if necessary.
Step 6: Connect the short end first and connect the long end for the next piece.
You should feel it lock. The last step is to replace the moulding and trim and elevate it slightly.


The following are some commonly asked questions about our vinyl flooring in Windsor:
Are Vinyl Flooring and Linoleum the Same?
Yes, vinyl flooring and linoleum are different. In the past, the only vinyl flooring that people knew about was sheet vinyl, which is similar to linoleum in appearance. This similarity often leads people to believe that they're the same mistakenly. However, vinyl flooring and linoleum are different with distinct characteristics, such as:
It is made of natural materials
It is antimicrobial
It has anti-static properties
It requires sealing every year
Luxury vinyl flooring:
It is made of PVC
It has a protective layer to prevent wearing
It has backing options for felt, foam and fibreglass
It requires little to no maintenance
Can I Place Heavy Appliances on a Vinyl Floor?
You can put heavy appliances over your vinyl flooring, but we recommend using furniture pads or sliders under them. To get a clearer idea, please speak to our team.
Is All Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?
Yes, all vinyl products, including flooring, are waterproof. This water resistance is because of its composition from PVC. However, the installation can affect the ability of vinyl flooring to resist water. For this reason, it is essential you turn to experts like us to install your vinyl flooring in Windsor.
Can I Install Vinyl Flooring Anywhere I Want?
Absolutely! Vinyl flooring is moisture-resistant and durable, which makes it ideal for most rooms on a property. It is popular for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. We invite you to consult our lookbook to see how our clients use our products and services.
How Much Will My Vinyl Flooring Cost?
The cost of your vinyl flooring will depend entirely on factors such as the products you choose and the size of the room. We can provide you with a quote, depending on your requirement.
How Long Will the Installation Take?
Again, there is no set standard for the duration of the installation process. Vinyl flooring is fairly easy to install, but the duration will depend on the size of the room and the product used.
If you have any more questions about our vinyl flooring in Windsor, please send them to us, and we will get back to you shortly. Besides this, we can provide you with hardwood flooring.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Windsor, Ontario from Marquis Tile


The bottom line is that our services for vinyl flooring in Windsor offer endless benefits, making it the perfect investment. If you want a quote from us or would like to chat with our experienced flooring contractors at Marquis Tile, please contact us.