Laminate Flooring in Windsor

If you are looking for professionals in Windsor for laminate flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, or office, rely on Marquis Tile. The laminate floor is durable and can withstand heavy traffic, thereby it is an ideal option for pets and children. Such flooring is a preferred choice for most modern homeowners. From classic hardwood to ceramic tiles and granite to slate, a large selection of laminate flooring options is available at our showroom.

Laminate floor buying guide

Laminate flooring has gained popularity as a lower-cost alternative to wood. It now simulates wood and natural stone flooring. Here are a few factors that can help you choose the appropriate laminate flooring for your needs:

  • Material, lengths, and patterns: Similar to solid hardwood flooring, you will find thousands of width and finish combinations for laminate. Laminate with a wood appearance is available in various grain patterns and vibrant colours. If hardwood is not within your home remodeling budget, laminate is an ideal alternative.
  • Laminate with a tile appearance offers the beauty of natural stone, slate, or ceramic. Such floors are available in rich colours, unique textures, dimensional depth and variation, and more.
  • Wear and durability: The melamine water layer on most laminate floors is durable and is expected to look good for 20-35 years. However, a few affordable laminate products will last only 10-20 years. The more you maintain and look after your floors, the longer they will last.
  • Current trends: Laminate floors tend to follow and keep abreast with solid hardwood flooring trends. Presently, vintage style laminates are preferred in the market. Moreover, laminate floors that mimic ceramic tile, slate, and granite flooring are also popular.

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Laminate flooring installation guide

Installing laminate flooring is not very challenging when experts do it. Trimming around obstacles need to be done with care, as any imperfections are often noticeable. You can either install the flooring on your own by following the given steps, or call our team.

For installation, you will need basic hand tools including a circular saw, hammer, tapping bar, pull bar, table saw, foam, compound mitre saw, a heavy roller, foam, expansion spacers, and jigsaw. The step-by-step installation process is:

Step 1: Install a moisture barrier if installing the floor over plain concrete or tiles covering concrete. It should run wall to wall with sections overlapping 8". Moisture transfers through concrete quite readily, and moisture from the ground reaching your laminate will destroy it by causing warping, separation and mold.

Step 2: Start on the left side of the room from the most common entry point. Complete the entire length of the left wall by joining the short ends of the planks. The gap created by the spacers is needed for expansion that comes with higher humidity, and the gap will be covered by the shoe molding once the floor is installed.

Step 3: Toward the end of the first row, measure the length the last piece needs to be, and trim the piece to fit before installing it.

Step 4: While working on the second row, you should cut a piece of the same length as the last piece of the first row in order to stagger the end butts. From the same end of the room, start the second row. For subsequent rows, choose varying lengths for the first piece in order to achieve a more random look. Connect each piece with the one next to it by placing the tongue in the groove and pushing them together. Use the tapping bar to secure a tight fit.

Step 5: For trimming around floor vents, you should make your measures and pre-cut the boards before installation.

Step 6: Continue with this technique until all rows have been installed. You can use a pull bar to pull the pieces in the last row into the second to last piece for a tight, secure connection. A pull bar is a handy tool whenever you cannot use the tapping bar.

After finishing the flooring work, ensure all the joints are secure. Further, you can reinstall the baseboard molding and other trim pieces.

Laminate flooring maintenance, care, and cleaning

It is essential to maintain and clean laminate floors on a regular basis. Their melamine wear layer can be scratched and scuffed by grit and dirt, thereby reducing the shine of the flooring and creating a dull look. The tools, equipment and supplies required to clean your floors include multi-floor vacuum, microfiber mop, and hard-floor vacuum.

Refining laminate floors is not possible, and so it will last 15-30 years with the thick melamine wear surface. If the surface gets worn or dull, you will need to replace it.