Quality Carpet Flooring in Windsor

If you want the perfect balance of warmth and comfort in your home, trust Marquis Tile for carpet flooring in Windsor. Beyond adding curb appeal to your living space, there are many benefits of buying quality carpets for your space. It absorbs sound and insulation of the room in which it is installed. A carpeted floor is an ideal, economical, and functional option for families with kids and pets.

Besides carpets, we provide other flooring products such as hardwood, tile, etc. You can browse through the lookbook or call our team to help you. We are a reliable carpet flooring provider in Windsor to cater to your flooring needs. Visit our showroom to find the right carpet, or get an estimate by filling out the contact form.

Full length

A full-length carpet will provide wall-to-wall luxury and comfort. By installing such a carpet, you can make your room a treat for the eyes and feet.

Area rugs

Such carpets are hallway runners, room fillers, and selective accent pieces. We can help you choose the right area rug for your home décor.

Carpet tiles

Modern carpet tiles allow you to create custom, unique area rugs, and full-length carpet looks, that are as durable as they are stylish.

We are sure that you will find the perfect carpet according to your lifestyle and needs.

Carpet and rug buying guide

There is a lot to consider when you are in the market to buy a new carpet. After all, the right carpet can add instant colour, warmth, drama, and comfort to your space. Choosing the right carpet can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before buying a carpet for your space:

  • What do you dislike about your current carpet?
  • What kind of fibre works best for your home?
  • Which style and colour do you prefer?
  • Do you have pets at home? If yes, you have to consider a high stain-resistance carpet.
  • Where will you be keeping the new carpet?
  • If it is going to get heavy footfall?

After answering the questions above, here are a few factors that can help you choose the right carpet flooring according to your needs:

  • Textures, lengths, and patterns: From a foot or two square to 20’ X 30’ or greater, rugs are available in varied sizes. Small rugs can be placed in front of the sink, medium rugs under the coffee table or dining room table and large rugs can be used to fill the entire room. When it comes to patterns, you will find cut pile, plush, berber, and frieze in the market.
  • Wear and durability: Wool rugs and carpeting are the most durable products among all other types. Carpets with a thick pile can last 50 years or more when used in a living area rather than an area with high traffic. A quality carpet and rug will last 8-15 years depending on where they are installed and how you maintain them.
  • Leading trends in the industry: Presently, berbers and new existing colours are preferred by people. Triexta is a new polymer from DuPont that is made from renewably sourced materials. The advancements in carpet fibre technology are leading to tougher carpets that look better for a longer period of time.

Wherever you decide, Marquis Tile has all of your carpets and carpet tile required to be covered. Connect with our team who can help you get what you want.

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Carpet installation guide

If you want to install the new carpet on your own, you should be aware of the necessary tools and know how to use them. You can also call our professionals for proper installation. The tools required for carpet installation include a carpet knife, measuring tape, chalk line, knee-kicker, power stretcher, tack strip cutter, hammer, stapler, stair tools, a steam iron, tack strip, nails, staples for the padding, and seam tape.

The step-by-step process to install your carpet is:

Step 1: Install a tack strip around the entire perimeter of the room. You should leave it approximately 3/8" from the wall. The printed arrows on the strips should face the wall.

Step 2: Next, roll out the carpet padding onto the floor and cut to fit. It should not cover the tack strip.

Step 3: Use a carpet stapler to install staples about every 2 feet horizontally and vertically.

Step 4: Affix the starting side of the carpet to the tack strip before trimming. Fold the carpet over and press the fold into the gulley between the tack strip and the wall. You should use a 2×4 or similar object to press it firmly onto the tacks or use a rubber mallet.

Step 5: Now it’s time to use the power stretcher. Move toward the loose end of the carpet and stretch the carpet in increments. Move horizontally and diagonally over the piece of carpeting you are installing.

Step 6: When you reach the far end, use the stretcher to attach the loose end of the carpet to the tack strip. If a second piece will be seamed to the first, don’t tack down the last 1-2 feet of it so that it can be rolled back for seaming.

Step 7: Trim the ends of the carpet that have been affixed using a carpet trimmer or knife. Cut along the backside of the tack strip and tuck the loose end into the valley between the tack strip and the wall.

Step 8: If seams are required, cut the next piece of carpet. Roll back the piece that has been installed, so that the back of the carpet can be seamed. Lay the second piece next to it, facing down as well. Align the seams and cut a piece of seam tape to fit. Heat the steam iron, and when it is fully hot, iron the seam slowly and methodically. You may want to open windows for ventilation while ironing seams. Once the seam is secure, follow the steps above to install the added piece of carpeting.

Step 9: Cutting around obstacles requires a slow, steady hand. Cut slowly from the edge of the carpet toward corners. Then cut along the obstacle for trimming.

After the carpet is installed, you should vacuum it thoroughly. Further, install baseboard trim and hang the doors. You can get the best longevity from your carpet if you maintain and clean it properly.
Luxury carpet in Windsor, Ontario from Marquis Tile

Carpet flooring maintenance, care and cleaning

If you maintain and clean your carpet regularly, it will last longer than those that are neglected. You can find tools and techniques in the market to keep your flooring look great for a longer period of time.

The most important tool for carpet maintenance is a good vacuum cleaner. Your cleaner should have a rotating, bristled bar known as a "beater bar." It will pull up the nap so that the debris deep within it can be vacuumed away. You should regularly clean the beater bar to keep your vacuum cleaner effective.

Another effective way to keep your carpet look its best is steam cleaning. Depending on how heavy the traffic is on your carpeting, you should do steam cleaning every 6-18 months. In case of spills or pet accidents on your carpet, use paper towelling to soak up liquid as much as possible. Further, you can use a bristle brush and carpet detergent mixed with water to gently scrub out any remaining liquid.


This floor covering is made entirely from natural plant fibres. There will be variations and irregularities in both the weave and colour. These are totally inherent in using natural plant fibres in weaving and do not constitute a defect in the carpet.